Humiliation POV – London Lix – A Match Made In Heaven

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Description: Before we go to bed tonight there's something I want to talk about. You've been pushing me for sex lately, and I guess you can tell I'm not really interested. And the reason is, I'm having an affair, actually multiple affairs. The only reason I married you was for security, money. I mean you're sweet and all but I've never really been interested in your small dick now have I? I think you can understand that can't you? I have certain sexual needs that you simply cannot fulfill. You're just not big enough. I need to be fucked by big hard cocks. I thought you'd be upset but, oh my god, I can see that this is turning you on. You see, you're pathetic. I could never fuck a man like you. But I could marry you, as I did. In a way, you're perfect. You provide me with a high standard of living and I can still fuck whoever I want. And not only do you not care, you encourage it! I mean what kind of man gets turned on thinking about other men fucking his wife in ways he never could? You, a cuck, a pathetic tiny dick loser who knows the only way he could have a woman like me, is to provide for her and let her be his cheating wife. You want to jerkoff to though of your wife being fucked hard. And now that I know you like it so much, I might even let you watch as hot alpha studs take your wife in all of her holes. This could work out quite well. I get to keep having my fun and you get to jerk off to the thought. No more sex for you ever. In fact, I don't think you should sleep next to me anymore. You should sleep in the guest bedroom where you can jerkoff all you want. And that way this bed is free for me to fuck whoever I want, whenever I want. But make sure you come in and make the bed in the morning. This is what I've always wanted sweetheart. A cuck husband. And from the fact that you're not protesting, I think this is what you've always wanted. You see, we're a match made in heaven.
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