Worship Goddess Jasmine - Over Wanked And Useless

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Description: Another day, another clip and another opportunity for you to jerk yourself silly. This is how you get your fix isn’t it. You get so hard to being an total bitch to you. You look at me right now knowing you have no chance in hell with me, so you drop to your knees and await my teasing and humiliation and that’s how you get off. Total loser porn for a complete loser. In fact, you are just wanking your life away. I bet it's red raw the amount you stroke. It should be locked away, kept out of reach of those hands. A total jerk off junkie, what a 'man' you have become. You can’t get your dick hard to anything else but bitchy mean girls like me. Vanilla porn has never really done it for you, has it. You’ve always longed for something a bit different, something to satisfy your weird freak cravings. It makes me sick how perverted you are when it comes to wanking. You will wank over anything, literally anything. You're disgusting, you're dick is disgusting and that's only going to turn you on. Maybe one day your dick might fall off, what on earth would you do then!
Models: Goddess Jasmine