Worship Goddess Jasmine - Admit it Dick Addict

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Description: Your whole life you haven't even tried to fit in and pursue a relationship with a girl, you have always truly known what turns you on and it's big meaty cock. It's the only thing that gets you hard. Night after night you would lay in your bed and stroke yourself silly to gay porn confusing yourself over and over. All your friends would enjoy nights out with girls but you opted for an evening in with cock. Why are you still just enjoying your frills from your computer, why aren't you embracing your cock loving self and being bent over and fucked by a big meaty cock because I know that's exactly what you long for. Even looking at my hot, curvy body right now isn't doing it for you. You crave cock, it's your obsession and you need to have your own personal dose. The sooner you admit it the quicker your mouth will be full of another man's cum.
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