London Lix – Bratty Mindfucktress Feeds Your Addiction

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Description: You wanna stroke for me, don't you? Yes, I know, you're so horny, so desperate to cum. Go on, jerk it to my amazing body. Jerk it as I tease you with my perfection. Feel your cock twitch and pulsate in your hand. I know you love worshiping my body as you jerk your pathetic cock. Listen to my words as I look into your eyes and draw you into my web of mindless strokers. I want you to stroke and think about how badly you want me. The more I tease you the more desperate you grow. I know exactly how to manipulate your mind. Edge your cock to my body. Edge and let your mind go blank. But as much as you love to jerk and stare at me in my lingerie, you also need humiliation. You need it to cum. You're a loser who can't get off unless I humiliate you. Jerking to my perfect body isn't enough for a fucktard like you. Once I begin to degrade you like the spoiled bratty bitch that I am, you feel yourself getting harder, you feel your hand jerking faster. What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you feeling a bit mindfucked right now? First I sucked you in with my body, then I destroyed your mind with my words. Your head is spinning. You never stood a chance against my superior intellect. Once I got you horny and turned your mind to mush, you became putty in my hands. A stupid jerkoff puppet. This is your life, jerking of to bratty girls who obliterate your ego, who don't give a fuck about you. But you can't stop, can you? Not only can't you stop, but you're jerking even faster now. And I'm going to laugh in your face as I drain your cum and your cash over and over again. It's so easy to exploit a mindfucked horny loser. You need this loser, don't you? You need humiliation to cum. You need it. You're so fucked. You can't cum unless I'm flipping you off and calling you a loser and telling you exactly what a sick fuck you really are. And how do I know this? Because here you are, every day, jerking to my clips, feeding your addiction. Right loser? I know that this is your only sex life and that you live for this. I am your digital Goddess and you need me, you need me to cum. So go on, stroke to my flawless body and build yourself to yet another stupid loser orgasm. You need humiliation, you're addicted to it. You can't stop, always searching for your next fix.
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Models: London Lix