Madam Violet – Dignity & Cash Collector

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Description: Male dignity and cash are the currencies I trade in and you’re nothing more than are a collection of raw materials I am going to drill and mine and pillage the fuck out of. My HOT body, My clever words are My tools. I will have both your dignity and cash…and you’ll LET ME. Because I’m that one special Woman; you’ll happily reduce yourself to a pathetic drooling senseless mess on the floor for - for ME. I’m wearing this SKINTIGHT black lace bodysuit, no bra, no pants…My juicy tits spilling out, maybe you'll catch a glimpse of My sacred pussy if you try HARD? Ha! You will NEVER see My PUSSY! It will always just out of reach. Just enough to break you, to shred your dignity and seduce the cash out of your wallet. LOOK how ridiculous I make you, because of your cock, so weak SO HARD, wanking on your knees, then all fours…stopping when I say to tease the dripping end of your conquered dick. You OBEY but I will allow you to decide dignity or cash, and I promise I will allow you to CUM what ever you decide but you KNOW slave, I am always taking what I want from you Contains: femdom pov, mindfuck, mesmerise, findom, humiliation, cum eating encouragement, ass worship, pussy worship, pussy denial, sensual domination, masturbation instruction, bodysuit, red boots, tit worship, nipples, slave training
Models: Madam Violet