The Mean Girls presents Queen Kasey, Goddess Nina & Princess Perfection in The Dinner Party: Ninas Turn

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Description: Now word of the new “built-in plumbing” has gotten around to 3 girls at once- so they ALL decide to go back into the bathroom to check it out! They can’t believe their eyes when they look down into the bowl and see a slave’s face – YOUR face! – cemented into the base of the bowl, with a funnel-like structure running right into it’s mouth and down its throat. UNBELIEVABLE! Queen Kasey, Goddess Nina, and Princess Perfection are all staring down at you in disbelief and soon start MOCKING you right to your face for dedicating the rest of your life to being a sh*t-eater! LOL! They all discuss what you gave Goddess Randy to be put in this position and decide that they all “want one too!” After they all laugh at you, they decide to take turns “using” you! And Goddess Nina says that she wants to be first…
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