Cruelgirlfriend presents Electra & Brooke in Lick Our Spit In Public

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Description: Euwgh! look that loser wuss from the office has followed us into the canteen and is totally spying on us! Well let’s show that wimp what happens when he pervs on the popular girls. Hey freak get over here – we’re going to show everyone what a disgusting fucktard you really are. You’re going to get down on your knees in front of us and you’re going to lick up all our spit. What’s wrong weakling? You don’t want to be completely humiliated in front of everybody? Well that’s kinda too bad for you isn’t it because if you don’t get down there we’ll force your ugly face right into our spit. Ha-ha you’re actually doing it! OMG I’m so recording this to send around the whole office! Drink up freak your humiliation is going viral!
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