Slave to Hundreds of Thousands of Janira Wolfe’s Feet

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Description: You’ve only found your self at the sack of Goddess Janira Wolfe, the Genie with probably the perfect feet on earth. You are uncertain how you have there, also if Janira lets you know which you are to be Her hottest foot servant, you tell Her why there isn’t any method she might continue to keep you there on her behalf ownpersonal. Doubting Janira Wolfe is perhaps not a thing you need to ever perform, and unfortunately for you, you’re going to get out that the hard way. Janira explains for you as a Genie, She’s the magic power to replicate Herself; whenever She awakens her feet, She moans. She shows off her magical, and you immediately realize you don’t have any way outside. You will soon be surrounded with thousands and thousands of Janira Wolfe’s feet. . .and it’s your obligation to function all those. Of course that means you’re going to be liable for paying to get his or her treatment, their own shoes, etc.,. . And that is going to end up your whole life from today on.
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