Fetish Fuckery presents Mistress T in Mum Loves Blue Balls

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Description: This video is a little different than my usual ‘Mama’ vids and I’m sure ALL Mama/Milf fans will love it. Filmed partly POV you will see me as if I’m fucking YOU…but I included other camera angles so you would have lots of hot views. It’s a visual buffet from beginning to end. ~~~ The premise: you, my son, have very blue balls and you beg me to allow you to cum the entire time, while I tease the hell out of you but keep denying you an orgasm. I enjoy knowing you have blue balls and the story line hints that this has been going on for awhile. I eventually stop things abruptly and leave you hanging and horny for the night…it ends with ‘the next morning’ where I come back and tease you and fuck you to the point where you can’t help yourself and you cum in M0mmy’s pussy. I scold you and walk out…but not before giving you a close up view of my slick thighs as your cum oozes out of my pussy. (Rubber/latex opera length gloves! + FAMILY FANTASIES + ORGASM CONTROL/DENIAL + NUDITY + FUCKING + FELLATIO + OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN + CREAM PIE)
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