AmericanMeanGirls presents Goddess Randi in Go Get The Fuckstick

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Description: I found this fucking loser in My closet SNIFFING MY PANTIES!! I had put him in there several hours earlier and SPECIFICALLY POSITIONED him so his face was supposed to REMAIN pressed to the FLOOR I walk on in a position of WORSHIP! And he DARED to MOVE without MY permission. Apparently he couldn’t resist his perverted urge to sniff My fragrant panties that I left on the floor a few feet away from his head- specifically to test his obedience. Needless to say, I feel VIOLATED and am FURIOUS that a slave would dare to disobey ME! So I decide to show him what it feels like to be violated! I make him crawl off and fetch “The Fuckstick” and bring- one of My favorite punishment devices for correcting slave’s behavior- and crawl back to me with it in his teeth. It’s very simple really. Its just a stick I ram up their ass….but it works! LOL! I even make this pathetic f*ck lick it clean AFTER I’ve rammed it deep up his ass! LOL!!!! And he f*cking DOES AS HE’S TOLD! (It’s about time he shows obedience!)
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