Clips4Sale presents Empress Jennifer in Ball Busting Slave Vexter

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Description: So here, kneeling before Me is the vexed slave vexter, who has very confidently just told Me he is a 10 on My 1-10 pain scale. This slave? HAHA we’ll see about that. And is that smerk on his face a nervous thing? Or is it there because he thinks it makes him look like some kinda confident? Either way, his nuts are Mine and I don’t think that smile can stay on too much longer! Which Id be lying if I said that’s not the reason why there’s a smile on MY face! I love My job! Nut busting is one of the greatest things to see a man feel total agony from. Especially when they have a cocky little attitude. I’m gonna teach this boy about 10’s from now on! And I’ll teach him how to LOVE IT.
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