GoddessSnow presents Alexandra Snow in You Love Me in Leather

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Description: I love wearing leather. I love the smell, the look, the feel of it against my skin. Soft, buttery, warm leather.. And I know you do too. All I need to do is enter a room dressed like this and my slave falls to his knees in reverence. But it doesn’t stop there. Let me show you the leather devices I would use to bind you tightly, straps, hoods, maybe even a leather straightjacket where you can’t move an inch. All you can do is feel my amazing body against you and the touch of my leather gloves on your cock. I know how to use a man’s weaknesses against him, whether they be for tight bondage, soft leather, or just the promise of feeling a brush of my skin. How long before you would beg to cum? How long until you beg to be my toy forever?
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