KickAss presents Rebecca Linares in Revenge is a Bitch!

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Description: A former cocktail waitress and a stripper, Rebecca Linares is quite new to the porn business. And because of that, she’s willing to listen to anyone who’s got an authoritative voice, a pronounced opinion and who might be a pimp. Recently, Rebecca was told that the quickest way to the top of the ladder was being at the bottom of a 25 man pile up. Rebecca was willing to try but figured there had to be an easier way. Then one day she had a heartfelt conversation with a guy who had female authority issues. He asked Rebecca if she’d mind sticking her finger in his ass. That’s not so bad, she thought. And Rebecca, mystified by the generous response she got, tried more forbidden activity. She slipped into a strap-on, liked the feel and the road gripping response from the man underneath her. She’s now in the market for a car.
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