Lady Fyre - Don’t Stroke for Me

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Description: You’re trying to quit watching beautiful women, trying to quit femdom or findom… trying to quit me. That’s why you’re here, right? You’re trying to resist but it’s so hard. Especially when I tease you with my legs, my ass, my breasts, my body. Yes, it’s difficult not to touch yourself. But I don’t want you to stroke for me; I want you to sit there fully clothed…. (you are wearing pants, right? since you didn’t come here to stroke)… and I want you to just watch me & resist my beauty. I want you to have some self-control & not jerk off. This is what you want after all. Let me help you. Are you still resisting me? Or have you given in yet? Either way, we both know you’ll be back.
Models: Lady Fyre
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