Subby Hubby – Nicole Bexley BJ Assistant

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Description: Nicole has her warm mouth licking and breathing all over her pathetic husband\’s confined cock. \”You can barely feel this, can you?\” \”Yes…\” he mumbles. \”Good. Then maybe you will last longer than 10 seconds!\” she says with a smirk. She lets him out of chastity on one condition. He must wear lipstick and put on a dress as they are having company. He allows her to put lipstick on him since he simply does not have any choice in the matter now. He is her submissive bitch. There is a knock at the door and to his dismay it is his employee, Jack. Toby is in disbelief for a quick moment until he sees his wife kissing Jack! Nicole then shows Jack how small Toby\’s cock is and makes Jack show Toby how huge his big black cock is and Toby\’s eyes almost pop out of his head! Jack must be no less than 12 INCHES!
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