Mandy Flores - Poisonous revenge

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Description: I married and your father just for his money and he went behind my back and left it all to you. His son…Im sure he was just looking out for you but what he did was far worse. As you count your money right in front of me I begin to seduce you & talk sweetly how you are now the man of the house. Now you will fill your Fathers shoes. I know u must have been jealous of your father with his new beautiful wife n now Im all yours…it leads to me putting on some poisonous perfume and just with a few sniffs you begin to get weaker and weaker. Your heart begins to beat faster and I tell you to go ahead and jerk, if you cum to me well both feel better about the whole misunderstanding. As you go over the edge I confess that I have poisoned you and to say hello to your Father for me.
Models: Mandy Flores
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