Clips4sale presents Goddess Ella Kross in Playing a Stripping Game with My Slaves Balls

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Description: With my slave standing naked before me, arms behind his back, I decide we`re going to play a cruel little game together. I`m going to kick him in the balls and if he falls down in pain I`m going to keep my clothes on. However, if he manages to stay on his feet I`ll take something off! Delivering a viscous kick to his poor nuts he buckles in pain but doesn`t topple. As per the rules, I take my pants off and immediately kick him again. To my surprise he still doesn`t fall and I quickly find myself down to my bra and panties. After giving you an awesome close-up view of my perfect tits I get back to my game and kick my slave again. This time he crumbles and falls to the floor in agony. I make him kiss my feet as I laugh and step on his back in triumph. Seeing how he fell down I stick to the rules and put my bra back on as I make him rise to his feet again. How many more brutal blows can this slave take? Watch this amusing yet hot video to find out if I wind up fully naked!
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