Clips4Sale – Bratprincess presents Amadahy in Amadahy Enjoys Lollypop while Ball Busting

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Description: Amadahy enjoys a pink lollypop and flips through a magazine as a bound slave looks on. Amadahy turns and commands the slave to get hard. The slave does not. Amadahy grabs the slaves balls and punches. She tells it that shes going to start kicking it if it doesnt get hard. Amadahy teases the slave with a view of her ass. The slave starts to get hard. She kicks it anyway. Amadahy winds up and punches the slave in the balls. She seductively licks the lollypop as the slave grows harder. Amadahy steps back and kicks the slave forcefully. This is pay back. The slave came earlier without Amadahys permission. This is the punishment the slave was promised. Amadahy removes her leather boots and pushes her sweaty feet into the slaves manhood. She teases the slave with her nylon covered feet between kicks. Amadahy scissors the slaves dick between her thighs. She pulls up a chair and presses the slaves balls beneath her feet as she reclines. She kicks the slave, sensually yet brutally. Amadahy reveals to the slave that she plans to keep it tied to the pipe for the next three days. Shes going to kick it awake in the middle of the night so that she can use it as a toilet. Amadahy gives the slave a few hard kicks as she exits the room.
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