AmericanMeanGirls – Princess Bella, Goddess Nina Elle – Pay Me What You Owe Me

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Description: I bet you wonder what happens to our pay piggies that fall behind on their tributes to a Princess. Well THE MEAN GIRLS DON’T PLAY THAT. When a slave is late with a tribute you better believe WE COLLECT! Bella’s money slave is 3 months late with his payments and he going to get the fuckin beatdown of his life!! Goddess Nina and Princess Carmela druugg and kidnap the delinquent slave and bring him back to the Mean Girl Manor for a talking too. They act like a couple of mean mobsters girls as they rough him up to ENCOURAGE him to catch up with his payments. The camera person actually feared for the slaves safety but rest assured the Mean Girls know what they’re doing! They make him an offer he cant refuse because when you mess with a mean girl, THE MEAN GIRLS MESS WITH YOU.
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