Madam Violet in Body Worship Br4inw4sh Loop

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Description: A slave needs 2 worship EVERY single part of his Goddess, when he surrenders his mind to Me, he is no longer a ‘boob man’ or an ‘ass man’….you are a slave not a man, n it is My WHOLE body you are enslaved to. Feet, ass, legs, tits, My beautiful face and plump lips, My stomach and small waist – I want u to fetishise ALL of Me. Repeat your mantras over & over as you stroke yourself into a stupor. Loop this file over n over as many times as you wish, at least five times…watch on a regular basis, tune your mind to My BODY. Go deeper n deeper over and over. STROKE for Me in an endless spiral of WORSHIP & SURRENDER. NO end in sight, NO trigger to cum…just an endless SLIDE down … weak with worship … escape if u can slave.
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Models: Madam Violet
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