Katie Banks – Daddys Best Friend

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Description: Diary Entry - thurs.) It's summer and I'm staying with my dad for two whole months YAY! I'm sad though cuz he's working so much and we don't get as much "playtime" together as I was hoping. I got invited to a rave party, Can't wait! what am I going to wear? also, my dad arranged for his friend Tom to give me a ride, He's TOTALLY SEXY and Daddy said his little princess could play around if I wanted =o (Diary Entry - Sat.) In Tom's car - So.. I guess I must have been nervous about the party, cuz I somehow ended up giving Tom a blowjob.. His dick is HUGE and tasted so good, I'm such a slut :) now i'm all horny, this rave should be interesting... This could be my new fetish. ~ Daddys slut princess misbehaves with his friend ~ POV Blowjob ~ Secret Slut
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