Exquisite Goddess - Devious Booty

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Description: My ass has super powers and if you don't bealive me press play......we'll start with you worshipping and staring at it while you grow harder and weaker. You want to grab your hard cock and stroke but you have to wait for permission. Thats what good boys do! The teasing continues as I allow you to touch yourself but very slow. Torturous considering the sight in front of you isn't it? Since I'm so devious I will take advantage of your weakness and play a stroking game with you : if you want to stroke faster you simply tribute 1$ but when i say stop you take your hands off your cock. I'll have my fun with you for a while then unexpectedly I will order you to cum! Fun right? You get to practice self control and obedience as I have my wicked fun with you, training you to be a better sub.
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