The Mean Girls - Goddess Rodea - Offing You By Pantyhose (1080 HD)

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Description: Goddess Rodea provides “male termination services” – so the beautiful young women can either receive their inheritances early or just dispose of someone they don’t like. There is someone in your life that is tired of your loser ways and has chosen “execution by pantyhose”. Goddess Rodea has been “seasoning” your meals with the mind-c0ntr0l potion for the past couple of weeks. You’re now her mind-numbed slave as she begins her extermination. Goddess Rodea starts by sitting on you, but u still have SOME faculties left- luckily, the poison only kicks in when you’re right on the verge of . Eventually Goddess Rodea will let you masturbate one last time she literally STANDS on your face – truly suffocating you under her stocking feet. Rodea explains that allowing u this “one last masturbation” will heighten your state of arousal and as a result, will totally overpower any remaining willpower you may have left to live. The goal is to totally cover your nose and mouth and make you completely run out of oxygen right as you are cumming – and by timing it perfectly you will subconsciously choose over “self-preservation”!
Models: Goddess Rodea
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