Superheroine's Revenge Punishment Fits the Crime

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Description: The Night Raven has found her way to the lair of an evil villain that traffics in sex slaves. He gets the drop on her with a gas bomb and then shackles her up and fastens an orgasm wand tightly against her pussy. She is defiant at first but the orgasms come despite her resistance. The Villain moves in (pov) and unmasks her as she desperately tries to find a way to stop him. She is shattered by the loss of her secret identity. Being a true Superheroine Night Hawk rallies over an over to fight the vibrations pulsing through her pussy but the orgasms come more intensely. Finally she gives a heroic effort and breaks her bonds, she is exhausted, shamed, and ready for revenge It seems that Night Raven believes that the punishment should fit the crime . She has the villain restrained (villains pov) and she teases and edges his cock with out mercy. She has total control and she plans to keep him on the edge of orgasms until his is driven to utter madness
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