Glam Worship - Back Again and Again Becky Dee

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Description: I know you say to yourself this will be your last clip, I decided I want to help you with this. I think you need one more clip binge. One more for the long haul. Go on, it’s ok. That’s it. Now I know you will be back after this. Sit back, relax and listen to everything I say. Look at me, we both know u can’t turn back now. You think you can run, but you can’t. You are hooked, addicted, obsessed. You can’t resist this perfect body and bratty attitude. Grab that cock and jerk it nice and slow for me. I know you love these huge tits of mine; you can’t resist them. The thought of being able to grab and caress them gets your cock so hard for me. My little loser, you can’t resist. You are mine. Jerk it harder for me loser. That’s right, keep going. I’ll see you again soon when you buy the next clip. I don’t think you can’t resist! – Becky Dee
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