Czech Soles - Trampling and foot humiliation by Eliska

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Description: Elika came to show you your place in this world. And that is under her feet, at her doormat, as her stomping bag! You are nothing to her, she’ll wipe the floor with you and you’ll thank her for it, otherwise she’ll kick u in your face. She will beat you and make you lick the bottoms of her shoes she was wearing during her gym training. She has them on right now. Lick them! And don’t look at her or she will beat you up! She really don’t have the mood for some bitch who don’t want to obey. You’ll obey otherwise you’ll lick the floors clean. She’s make you wash her shoelaces in your mouth, she’ll stuff her sweaty socks in your mouth and suffocate you with them, she’ll make you lick the toe jam from between her toes and you’ll thank for it! Eli?ka is really mad today so you better do what she says. Oh yeah – and she’ll need a foot massage now and while you’re at it, u can also worship her gym feet – her bare feet in your face waiting to be licked clean and toes to be sucked. She’ll submit you, make u her bitch which you already are and stomp your face, kick it and humiliate you so much you will wanna cry!
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