Miss London Lix - Beta For Your Muscle Goddess

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Description: Custom video but suitable for all. You simply love to worship my superior body, don’t you? You love knowing that, by the numbers, pound for pound, across my whole body, on every exercise, I have you beat. I weigh less than you do, but can lift a LOT more. That must make you feel pretty pathetic, huh beta bitch? Haha. Go on, jerk to the fact that I’m just THAT much better than you, as I show off my biceps, making them pop and peak….my long legs and toned calves and hamstrings…my muscle booty…you’ll worship it all, because you have no choice! You know I could wrestle you, pin you down and spank you into submission. Accept your inferiority at the hands of my body, and cum for your Fit Domme.
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Models: London Lix
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