Amber Hahn - Outdoors Shower

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Description: When I was looking for a home to book for shooting- I am pretty sure the outdoor shower sold me! And while I realize I can’t do a ton of naughty things in this stream of water- I just really imagined sharing it with someone super awesome! How cool would it be to have the need to shower outside. After a long day gardening?! Or after a swim in the pool? Idk when you would ever use it… but I find it very romantic. I wanna make out in it.. ( I don’t like shower sex- it hurts) but this shower would make the ultimate foreplay spot! Ugh.. Anyways, watch me alone, imagine yourself with me! : )) Watch me suds myself up and talk about how bad I want someone to join me.. PS. This is the bikini that I did my Howard Stern interview in.. Obviously they liked it! xoxoxo.
Models: Amber Hahn