Czech Soles - Sofia in fruit-crushing spree in her worn socks

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Description: Sofia is bored…thinking what to do…something a bit crazy maybe…? How about to crush some fruit today, smash it under her soles, step on it and trample it. You wanna watch? Okay than she’ll let u but perhaps you’ll have to do something for her later on. Deal? But Sofia is wearing pretty worn socks today and they are smelly too. But you don’t mind right? Usually girls are crushing stuff barefoot, but Sofia wants to get rid of her socks anyway so why not to crush the fruits in them, right? They will get pretty dirty and soaking wet and she’ll have to take them off and continue barefoot. But she has a suspicion you want to see her bare feet at the end anyway. Is she right? Well, we are gonna find out now. Are you ready?
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