A One Week Challenge By Mistresss Ezada

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Description: Do you want to jerk off every day for a week with My permission and even encouragement? Are you ready to offer Me the pain of your cock and balls? Then this is the challenge for you: a series of 7 days jerk-off instructions (in 7 separate clips joined together), each day you will apply a different chemical on your cock and balls. The 7 chemicals are usually found in most households or can be bought from most grocery stores. Some are very common in chemical play, like tabasco sause, others are less common but have been successfully tested by Me personally, on My slaves. But no matter in how much discomfort your cock will be, I will make sure it remains hard by allowing you to see close up and worship My leather clad body in a different way every day. Once you start to feel the effect on the chemical on your genitals, you will have 3 minutes to cum, so be quick!