The Wolfe Sole Experience - Foot slaves only edge for Dirty Feet

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Description: So, are you absolutely 100% sure you want to be My foot slave? you realize what that means happens to your orgasms, right? They stop existing. Forever. Meaning, you have already had your last orgasm, because now you’re here to begin serving. Still want to be My slave? Ok, great. Now I just need to test your self-control… make sure u can follow orders… So, you are going to touch yourself for Me. But you are going to edge only… and you are going to do it to My dirty feet. Actually, you’re only ever going to do it to My dirty feet. So, that will be your life: Serving Me, doing everything necessary 2 keep My feet always clean and happy…though this will not involve actually touching them for some time…and then, only when the mood strikes Me, you will edge to My dirty feet. Got it? Ok, well, get to edging then… and don’t u dare even think of cum-ing or your first day will be your last.
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