Lindsey Leigh - My Type Of Man

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Description: This clip is not made for the submissive. This clip is a challenge to my “alpha, dominant, in charge” type of man. Ive clearly dominated the fetish industry but that is an easy challenge, the men are weak. I am expanding my horizon and looking to seduce a real male. Im hot and sexy AF, you want to get off to me, but lets make it different than porn surfing. Lets make this something intimate between you and I. Pushing your boundaries and mine I slowly exxxpose myself encouraging you to stroke. As I count you down the camera zooms as close 2 my perfect pussy as possible while u cum covering it completely. After I offer you my lacy white g-string to buy, the perfect collectors item from this play. You may not be a sub or “into that kind of stuff” but you are a Lindsey Leigh fan. *Contains: Topless scenes(extended) and up-close pussy worship.
Models: Lindsey Leigh
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