Christy Berrie - Losers Only Hope

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Description: Virgin Loser For Life. That’s all you are, that’s all you ever will be. No sex, no girlfriend. I’m your only chance of female “connection.” Being teased and mocked for not being a real man is normal to you now. Your only hope of every pleasing a woman is with ME! You pay me to jerk off, you lonely chronic masturbator. No other girl is going to deal with that if you could even manage to explain your sick little habits. You love to be denied now, you crave denial like a fucking loser and that’s all you get off to now. Denied by me. Only me. Most girls want to get fucked by their boyfriends, they want to get deep dicked by a big cock. That life isnt for you. Losers like you are denied by me, jerk for me and eat cum. all for me!
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