Clips4Sale – Bratprincess presents Alexa in Alexa Punches Pigs Balls and Ruins its Orgasm

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Description: Alexa has bound her pig into a cock guillotine. He is fastened in place with plastic pallet wrap. The pig isnt going anywhere. He is reduced to Alexas toy. Alexa strokes the piggys already-hard cock. Piggy starts to squeal as Alexa slaps its dick. She strokes the cock with one hand while punching the pig in the balls. Alexa administers a flurry of ball punches. While punching, Alexas precious hand strikes a hard board. It really hurts her. Alexa gets extremely upset that she has been hurt, and punishes the piggy with even harder punches. The piggy is in pain, but cant help but cum from her stroking. Alexa ruins the pigs orgasm. She leaves the piggy in bondage. Alexa promises that shell be back in a few hours to beat and ruin him again.
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