Lindsey Leigh in Hump Your Pillow

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Description: Hello all my little rug humpers, stuffed animal stuffers, and couch fuckers… The amount of things I’ve had you fuck while watching my clips is pathetic, and we’re about to add to that list! Now go and grab a pillow, better yet, go and grab YOUR pillow. I’ve got a plan on where you can rest that perverted little mind of yours from here on out. Make sure you follow ALL of my instructions during this clip, every position I tell you to get in, and the exact pace I tell you to hump at. That’s right, I’ll have you admitting what a nasty little hummper you are for me before its all over, and you’ll be able to sleep tight w/ that fresh load next to your face, rub burned dick, and humiliating thoughts of what I’ll have you fucking next dancing through your head.
Models: Lindsey Leigh
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