Goddess Gwen in Girl Next Door Mind Fuck SISSY TRAINING

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Description: my next door neighbor and his football player son have been staring at me every chance they get every since they moved in. One day i show up at their door and walk in. I tell Daddy that while I was away on business I got his to do some chores for me. It was easy. He mowed grass, washed the car, etc, etc. All for free. I laugh about that. But I also laugh about how I teased him into thinking he could have me but I made him cum prematurely. he was so embarrassed but I like making guys do that. I told him that men have to eat their cum when that happens. He was reluctant at first but now he licks it up like a . I even film it now and sell the clip online. He tries so hard but I always humiliate him. Yesterday I had him wear his football jersey while I introduced him to a strap-on. He moaned and complained like a little girl, like a sissy. That clip is going on the internet too. I ask Dad how it feels to know that his son is my slave.
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