Sarah DiAvola in Street H**ker Sissy

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Description: Who’s a good little slutbag? That’s right, you are! Well, you wanna be, don’t you? Wanna be My tight little meat bag with holes? Let Me tell you all about the whore-ventures I’m going to put you through. I’ll have you sucking and fucking cocks and giving Me every dollar you make. I won’t even give you anything for your labor, bitch. How’s it going to feel, with a cock in your mouth and one in your pussy? I wonder how much you’ll drool on the dick, what you’ll sound like when I coerce you to recite lines while you give oral. I’m going to teach you to be the best little sissy slut you can be, and you’ll make Me so proud, won’t you? Yes you will. Say goodbye to your dignity and your dick, because I’m going to replace it with shame and a clit!
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