MilkeDAndBusted in Swollen Balls Busted

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Description: The Guy From Italy, Andrea Dirpre, released from the hospital after his balls were destroyed during the BallBusting Party Insanity. The doctors told Andrea that they`re not sure what he is doing to his balls, but if his balls take any more abuse he could lose them for good. The girls (Scarlett, Eden, Jenna n Jenna’s friend Raven), told him to drop his underwear. They couldn’t believe how his balls looked. Black and blue and three times the size they were when they 1st met him. And there was even a small hole in one of his testicles. Doesn’t look so good. He asks the girls to please show him mercy. The girls laugh at him and put him up against the wall. They take turns kicking him with their boots, and then barefoot, then put their boots back on and squish his poor bright red balls. The pain of his tender balls is much worse than usual. And there is a good chance he could lose his balls. But the girls don’t care. They won’t let that spoil their fun. They`re ready to ship him back to Italy anyway.
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