London Lix in Poppers – The Next Level

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Description: Oh intox addict – you fucked yourself up, didn’t you? You binged your way through these clips and now you’re aching for more and more extreme ways in which to get off…so you’re lucky you have me. I’ve devised a way to toy with your mind harder and deeper than ever before. I’ll get you to sniff and stroke in ways that will blow your mind today…perhaps literally. This is NOT FOR BEGINNERS, and I assume no responsibility for the consequences of following the instructions within. I honestly have no idea if most of you will be able to handle this, but, like good little jerk junkies, I know you will try for me. Be my p()ppers guinea pigs. You will need p()ppers, 2 q-tips and cotton balls/cotton wool/toilet paper or small piece of thin cloth to play along.
Models: London Lix
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