Goddess Kyaa in Chastity Slave Reminder – Its All About Me!

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Description: With the key to your cage around my neck, just dangling there as I tease you, we both know you can’t do anything about the raging hard-on I am causing. I am making you hornier and hornier, pushing your arousal to new heights as I make you worship my body. I know you want to stop, to look away, it hurts to be so turned on when I have your cock locked up like that… but you seem to have forgotten something. It’s all about me now, your whole life, especially your sex life. So if I want you hot and bothered, aching in your cage, then you will fucking ache. When I want you swollen, filling your chastity device until your dicklet pushes uncomfortably against the unyielding bars, then you will stiffen and suffer without an orgasm.
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