Goddess Christina in Spend It All On Me

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Description: Im here to remind you of your pathetic existence in this world and your place as my slave. You belong at my feet. Worshiping down there like a good little worker. Thats what you are to me. A little worker bee. You work hard so you can hand over that cash to your gorgeous Goddess. Do you know how lucky you are to be able to look upon my perfection? Youre very lucky because you dont deserve this. You will never deserve this. Thats why I dont care what you have to do – youre going to spend it all on me. Look at this sexy shiny dress loser and listen to me. I know that youre such a dumb fuck and just staring at this tiny dress on my sexy body renders you mindless. Completely stupefied. So I want you to get that cock out and stroke it as I tell you…
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