House of Sinn – Miss Sarah – Find an ashtray or become one

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Description: Miss Sarah has Her slave look for an ashtray as She wants to relax and enjoy Her cigarette. The silly slave gets so flustered that he is unable to do more than panic as he cannot find one, thus managing to give the sadistic Mistress a very good reason to use his filthy mouth as Her ashtray. The desperate slave is so eager to please that he obeys instantly and the mere torment as he is played with and taunted shows on his face as he swallows the ash and inhales the smelly smoke. Needless to say he is not a smoker so that is as disgusting as can be but the mere thought of being in service to his Mistress makes him do anything to stay in Her good graces, eat the ash and swallow the butt of the cigarette. The question is, will that be enough? A House Of Sinn production
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