Goddess Lindsey in Agony For My Red Bikini

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Description: This tiny little velvet bikini barely covers My hottest spots. Spots that you would die just to get a glimpse of. I know stroking to Me is all you have and when it’s as hot as this clip, you almost forget how pathetic your life is! Looking at how hot I am and worshiping is the best it gets for losers. you sit there all day thinking of all the women you can’t have just to come home and jerk to clips. Clips of women you can’t have. But, for just a little bit getting to drool over My hot, tight body is a form of relief. Even though I am constantly reminding you what a loser you are, you don’t feel like one. you feel weak and obsessed for Me. That’s why you keep coming back. It’s better to feel weak than to feel like a total waste.
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