Empress Jennifer in Just For Kicks

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Description: OMG! I just got this boy toy like 10 minutes ago and already he’s totally boring Me! I grab a seat and look at his scrawny little body and I just feel like kicking the life out of him. So yeah, thats what I do, I kick him with My new sexy silver boots making sure the heel STRIKES DEEP INTO HIS SKIN turning it as pink as My new outfit. I also make sure to scrape My heels all over his weak little back, arms, and legs. you know, he is My toy now and I can do whatever I want to him and he cant say squat about it. All I can say is he better last longer than My last toy or My rich daddy is going to be in as much trouble as this pathetic loser. Some people think Im a little mean but I cant help it this is just how I get My kicks, HAHA!
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