Asian Mean Girls presents Luna Li in I WILL BREAK YOUR BALLS ALL THAT I LIKE LOOSER!

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Description: When you let Goddess Luna Li down. Especially if she’s had a bad day. Well then something is bound to be broken. Most likely your balls if you happen to be her slave!! The Goddess has had it with her lackadaisical slave! She’s going to make him feel as smothered and Chokked as she does after a hard days of Goddess work! It’s not fair that he cannot get all of his chores done! It’s not bad enough that he has to work 14 hours a day so that he can give her all of his money! He doesn’t make enough money and he can’t get his work done. What a Fuckin Loser! Goddess Luna Wraps her beautiful legs around his neck and shows him how she feels, She squeezes that life right out of him. But she’s quick to bring him back to his senses when she starts pummeling and kicking his miserable balls, while repeatedly calling him a loser.
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