Mistress Salem - Mesmerized to be My JOI slave forever

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Description: I am going to have you slowly settle into a relaxed state. There’s no hurry here; you are in it for the long run. I am going to take you deeper with Me than you have gone before, so that I may plant some kinky things in your brain while you breathe in & out rhythmically to the sound of My voice and follow instruction as I take you down a flight of ten steps. Once down all the stairs, you are all Mine. We are going to go over what you must do to serve Me as your eyes feel so heavy watching the flickering of the sequins on My tiny bikini as I stretch it over My tits and free them for you to worship them along with the rest of Me. The things you will give Me are simple. but your whole life is going to change. I’m going to play with you and your cock and your mind while you’re mesmerized, then it is time to start climbing back up those stairs with Me, The incredible thing is that you actually get to cum, now, for Me, because I have such a cum fetish. So, while we are coming back out of the sparkly state you’ve been in, each number counted brings you closer to your orgasm. Enjoy all the thoughts that I just planted in your head and then top of off with an explosive orgasm because that will really seal our magick pact. Now you are Mine. Let go, give in and be molded by Me.
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