Princess Lyne - I am God

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Description: I am God… and you are a lowly little minion put on this earth to serve ME. you are LUCKY I allow you to worship My perfection. your entire existence is owed to ME. From here on out, you will live each day making My life better and easier. First it starts with sacrifice… you’ll SACRIFICE for Me, THE one TRUE God. First we will start by forgoing most of your daily meals. you don’t NEED to spend money on 3 meals a day especially when your body does not NEED to eat 3 meals a day. From now on you will only eat 1 meal a day, and the money you would spend on those other 2 meals will be saved and sent as tribute to Me. Next, you’ll show your submission and servitude to Me every single day by humiliating yourself bright and early first thing in the morning. And that’s not it, My little minion. In this clip I’ll guide you and help you to become a better, selfless, completely and totally subservient little minion to your new God, your new true religion. I am the REASON you are here, the reason you breath, the reason you EXIST. you are Mine. Destroy all other “holy” books and forms of propaganda for other previous “religions.” There is no other God or being above Me. I am your God & you are Mine.
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