Ceara Lynch - New Sleeping Arrangements

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Description: Honey, we need to talk about our little arrangement. I think it’s so wonderful that you married me with enough awareness to know you could never satisfy me in bed. Having you as my cuckold is the best thing that could happen for us. But my new boyfriend just doesn’t “get” it. I told him we were separated just to keep it simple, but he found out the other day we still sleep in the same bed and he thinks that’s weird. From now on it’ll be best if u just sleep on the couch. Also, you’ll have to leave the room whenever Im changing because he doesn’t want you to see me naked. I think that’s only fair. My naked body really isn’t for you anyway. He’s the one who gets to enjoy it, so why should he have to share even in the smallest way? I know this might be a little rough at first, but we did just buy that new couch, I am sure its very comfy.
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Models: Ceara Lynch
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