Princess Lexie in Oink, Jerk, And Eat It, You Stupid Cum Pig

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Description: I know you’re a fucking pig. So in order to get the full experience of this clip, you’re going to need a pig nose. I want you to buy one, if you don’t already have one, before you watch this clip. (They’re easy to find on Amazon.) Once you have it, put it on before pressing play. I know you’ve been eating your own cum for awhile now. You’re kinda addicted to it. So much so that you’re a cum eating piggy, aren’t you? You’re a big fat cum eating pig, full of cum. LOL! How does it feel to wear that nose for me. It reinforces the notion that you’re a total pig for eating your own cum. I know you love to eat your own jizz for me. This is such a humiliating, degrading fetish that you have, and I just Love exploiting that. I love making pigs out of all my little followers out there, cum eating pigs. Isn’t that what you are? You’re such a pig that you’ll Oink for me. Oink for me piggy! LOL! Are you a little oinker? LOL! Obviously you’re a loser, but pig just takes it one step further. You crave your own cum. You need more and more, right piggy?
Models: Princess Lexie
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