AstroDomina in The Therapist Locks You Down

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Description: NOTE: This is a Custom Video! You seem troubled Mark. Is there anything you want to discuss for this session? WHAT? I’m appalled that you want to cancel our therapy session! I, for one, disagree with you because you know your workplace will be filled with vicious women, wanting to prey on you using their legs and stockings. You are the laughing stock of your whole department! But if you think you’re really cured, I must do a test. I will wear my brand new high heels which will accentuate my legs and calves and I want you to be able to function properly. That means, you must not get a boner when I tease you with my legs. If you fail, I will sign up you immediately for a 5 year therapy session. Agreed?
Models: AstroDomina
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